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Must see Heavy Duty Vehicle reports published from GFEI & ICCT


2018 approaches and yearly reports are out seeking to balance the world of economic growth with that of sustainability. This week the input comes from the Global Fuel Economy Initiative [GFEI] and from the International Council on Clean Transportation [ICCT]

GFEI’s Targeting Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy


The 2016 Greenhouse Gas emissions report from the European Environmental Agency is available now


On November the 7th, the European Environmental Agency shared the latest assessment on CO2 emissions for the complete year 2016.

The Approximated EU greenhouse gas inventory 2016 is available HERE

In general, cleaner energy production and lower fuel consumption are the major positive contributo


An equation defining compliance, EPA’s Greenhouse Gas emission phase 2


In no time, the new and stringent standards to reduce the CO2 emission of Heavy-Duty vehicles, including trailers will start ruling throughout the United States. All information is already available on EPA’s website

OptiFlow, has prepared a


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