OptiFlow on "fire"


Image from http://delftoutlook.tudelft.nl/article/ring-fire/

OptiFlow to support the ring of fire project with the TU-Delft

The project aims to understand and visualize all aerodynamic forces involved around an athlete in competition. It allows to have real aerodynamic flow analysis in an open environment. An object is moving through an arch that ejects soap bubbles (i.e. a ring of fire) and with advanced laser techniques the aerodynamic drag coefficient can be determined.

The potential offered as the techniques and protocols are set up is immense. Scaling up the system could one day allow understanding the complexity of aerodynamics on bluff bodies like semi-trailers.

The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has recently approved to endorse financially the project to be developed via TUDelft's Open Technology Programme.


As sponsoring party, OptiFlow will be joining efforts in the achievement and execution of the ambitious ring of fire project of the TU-Delft. 

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